Entrée Mains Entrée

Sharbi Kebab**(3&6pcs)
Marinated chicken in yoghurt, ginger, garlic and garam masala and flamed rum

Seekh Kebab(GF)**(2&4pcs)
Succulent lamb mince cooked with tandoori spices

Fish Tikka(GF)***(3&6pcs)25.5016.50  
F.O.D. marinated with yoghurt, ginger, garlic, lime, garam masala
chilli and cooked in a clay oven and served with mango chutney

Tandoori Prawn(GF)**(6&12pcs)
Aniseed flavoured prawns marinated in garlic, lime juice and yoghurt

Tandoori Mixed Platter(GF)**(2pcs.ea.)
Trio of marinated prawns, chicken tikka and lamb kebab

Vegetarian Mixed Platter*
2pc Vegetable Pakora, 1 pc Samosa and Onion Bahji served with
mint and tamarind chutney 

Vegetable Pakora(GF)*(6&12pcs)
Vegetables dipped in chick pea flour then crisp fried served with mint chutney

Vegetable Samosas*(2 Pcs) 
Deep fried pastry triangles stuffed with spicy vegetables

Onion Bhaji(GF)*
Battered fried onions with Indian spices


Butter Chicken - Makhani(GF)*20.50
Marinated chicken cooked in a creamy tomato sauce

Korma (Lamb/Chicken/Beef) (GF)* 20.50
Tender meat pieces coated in a creamy almond and cashew nut spiced sauce

Chicken Madras(GF)** 20.50
Chicken thighs cooked in ginger, garlic, coconut milk and chilli

Vindaloo (Lamb/Chicken/Beef) (GF)****20.50
Very Hot - typically Goanese style, cooked in Chef's special dynamite sauce

Lamb Roganjosh (GF) ** 20.50
A traditional north Indian lamb curry, cooked with cardamom and saffron

Beef Pasenda (GF)** 20.50
Coorong beef cooked with vegetables in a rich curried tomato sauce

Chicken Tikka Masala (GF)*** 21.50
Hawkers style tandoori chicken cooked with ginger, garlic, tomato and coriander gravy

Aloo Bukhara Gosht (GF)** 21.50
Lamb and potato cubes simmered in rich onion and tomato gravy

Saag Gosht (Lamb/Chicken/Beef)* 21.50
Tender meat pieces braised in curried spinach puree

Prawns Jalfrezi(GF)** 25.50
Prawns tossed with cauliflower, onion, capsicum, carrot and peas in a roasted cumin sauce

Meen Moely(GF)* 25.50
Traditional Indian fish curry cooked in a coconut base gravy with mustard and curry leaves


Chicken Tikka Kandari(GF)**25.50
Pomegranate coated chicken cooked in the tandoori oven served with coriander and mint sauce  

Seafood Temptation(GF)* 27.50
Combination of fish, prawns and calamari pieces served with tamarind chutney

Tandoori Duck(GF)*** 29.50
Duck baked in East Indian masala gravy

Chingari Beef Cheeks(GF)***29.50
Braised beef cheeks with stone ground masala, ginger, garlic
and chilli in rich sauce

Chapli Chicken*** 25.50
Crispy crumbed chicken with choice of Vindaloo, Korma or Makhani sauce

Dum Pukt Lamb Shank(GF)*** 25.50
Twice cooked lamb shanks in a mace, tomato, cinnamon and cardamom gravy


Palak Paneer(GF)*18.50
Cottage cheese cubes in curried spinach sauce

Mutter Mushroom(GF)* 16.50
Butter mushroom and sugar peas cooked in rich creamy curry sauce

Vegetable Korma(GF)*16.50
Mixed vegetables tossed in butter and cooked in a cashew nut sauce

Dahl Bukhara(GF)*16.50
Black lentil and kidney beans cooked in tomato creamy sauce dynamite sauce

Aloo Gobhi(GF)*16.50
Florets of cauliflower and potatoes cooked in turmeric, ginger, tomato
red onion, and fresh coriander

Malai Kofta* 17.50
Potato and cottage cheese dumplings in an almond tomato sauce

Mutter Paneer(GF)*18.50
Homemade cottage cheese and green peas cooked in fenugreek and tomato sauce

Aloo Channa Masala (GF)*16.50
Potatoes and Chick Peas Curry, cooked with garam masala, onion, ginger and garlic


Tandoori Chicken Salad* 18.50
Iceberg lettuce tossed with shredded cheese and tender chicken pieces
with tamarind and mint dressing
Chingari Salad*15.50
Combination of cucumber, tomatoes, paneer cheese, chick peas with lemon and chat
masala dressing
Aloo Chat Salad(GF)*15.50
Cubes of potatoes tossed with crispy green peas, fresh mint, coriander
and onion with lime and tamarind

Plain Naan 3.50
Butter Naan3.50
Garlic Naan3.90
Cheese Naan4.00
Chilli Cheese Naan4.50
Cheesy Garlic Naan4.50
Mushroom Naan4.90
Kashmiri Naan
(A naan stuffed with almonds and dried fruit)4.50
Keema Naan (A naan stuffed with lamb mince coriander and chilli)4.90
Gluten Free Naan 4.20
(with chick pea flour)

5.904.90Steamed Rice
Saffron Rice6.905.90
Kashmiri Rice 7.506.50
(saffron rice with almonds and dried fruit)


Rita, Cucumber yoghurt5.50
Mango Chutney3.50
Mango Pickle3.50
Lime Pickle3.50
Chilli Pickle3.50
Trio of Pickles (Mango Chutney, Lime Pickle and Chilli Pickle)6.50
Pappadums (4 Pieces)3.00
Gluten Free Rice Pappadums (2 Pieces)4.50


for children 12 years and under
Child's Butter Chicken16.50
Nuggets and Chips16.50


(minimum of two people; priced per person)


Vegetable Samosa and Onion Bhaji served with mint,
coriander and tamarind chutney


Choose 3 meat curries and 1 vegetarian curry from the mains menu served with steamed rice,
garlic naan, cucumber raita and pappadums

(Note: Chingari Specialities not included) $5.50 p.p. extra Charge if included

(minimum of two people; priced per person)

Lamb Seek Kebab and Vegetable Samosa served with mint coriander and tamarind chutney

Choose 3 meat curries and 1 vegetarian curry from the mains menu
served with steamed rice, garlic naan, cucumber raita and pappadums

Mango Kulfi, Delicately flavoured Alphonso Mango ice cream
enriched with almonds and pistachio

(Note: Chingari Specialities not included) $5.50 p.p. extra Charge if included

Chef's Special Thali's

A complete Indian meal served on a traditional platter

Vegetarian Thali**32.00
Malai kofta, dahl bukhara, vegetable korma, served with rice garlic naan,
mango chutney and pappadums

Non-Vegetarian Thali* 36.00
Lamb roganjosh, vegetable korma, butter chicken, served with rice, garlic naan,
mango chutney and pappadum


Mango Kulfi11.50
Delicately flavoured Alphonso Mango ice-cream enriched with almonds and pistachio

Gulab Jamum (2 Pieces)10.50
Sweet yet creamy warm milk dumplings simmer simmered in rose syrup
(scoop of ice cream optional) Additional $2.00

Pistachio & Cardamom Chuski12.50
Delicious cardamom flavoured pistachio ice-cream

Chingari Delights22.50
Trio of Gulab Jamun, Mango Kulfi and Pistachio & Cardamom ice cream

Brandy Snap Baskets11.50
Filled with seasonal fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream

Celebration Platter (for 4 people)32.50
For Birthday celebration try our Chef’s assorted desserts with candles and sparklers

Nut Sunday10.50
Vanilla ice cream with your choice of Chocolate, Caramel or Strawberry topping

Date and Walnut Pudding11.50
Served warm with vanilla ice cream

Apple and Cinnamon Strudel11.50
Served with vanilla ice cream

Turkish Delight Ice Cream12.50
Filled with seasonal fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream

Beerenberg Strawberries12.50
Strawberries lightly folded with whipped cream and berries anglaise, served with vanilla ice cream


Cappuccino, Flat White, Latte, Espresso, Long Black, Chai Latte3.90
Muggachino 4.50
Hot Chocolate 3.90
TEAS: Black, Chamomile, Jasmine, Peppermint, Green, Lemon & Ginger Tea3.90
Extra's .50C Decaffeinated, Skim Milk or Soy Milk, Extra's $2.00 Double Shot


Masala Chai5.50
Irish Coffee12.50
Cafe Diablo 12.50

Butter Chicken

Saag Gosht

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